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Writer's Corner

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Feather Fountain Pen

This is a site about writing. Some do it for a hobby, others try to make money doing it. Not everyone knows the basics. Even more don't know how to make it readable and interesting.
I hope to accomplish all these things. I am a retired journalist, working at a weekly newspaper in a small town for 17 years, earning 10 state and 3 national awards during that time. I also spent 6 years in the marketing department of a nursing home corporation which owned 48 facilities in 5 states.
As for personal information, I do NOT have a college degree. But on-the-job experience is sometimes worth at least as much and THAT I have in spades! A weekly newspaper is a great learning ground, especially if you work for someone who has been a senior staff member of a major newspaper chain, as I was.

You'll find a number of topics on this site, from humor to photography and maybe I'll throw in something about agents. Much of the advice has to do with newspaper writing but good writing is necessary for any type of writing endeavor.

What's New?

I'll be adding topics from time to time, not on any particular schedule, so if writing is your passion, bookmark this site and visit often for the latest. I'm new at blogging, so I'll try to make navigation easy.
Enter and enjoy! Feel free to write me at